The Parental Alienation-Virtual Institute (PA-VI) at Colorado State University is an interdisciplinary virtual institute devoted to research, education, and training on parental alienation. In partnership with the non-profit Simply Parent, PA-VI serves as a concentrated research accelerator to answer questions that have been prioritized to have the greatest impact to address parental alienation around the world.

PA-VI is the first university-affiliated and accredited training program for professionals working with families at risk or who have been affected by parental alienation, based on fair and empirically grounded principles and strategies for prevention, treatment, social justice, and change. Further, PA-VI works to advance research knowledge, create educational opportunities, and disseminate public awareness pertaining to parental alienation and its correlates. The knowledge base simultaneously includes media campaigns to impact societal understanding of this prevalent and overlooked family problem.

As a virtual institute, PA-VI will prospectively fund investigators at a broad range of domestic institutions, bringing them together along with domestic and international partners via virtual technology to enable new scientific efforts.